Families Always Matter is a website intended to affirm families in their importance to God,
the Church, to society and to each other.  Click here to visit this website.

As a result of historic events in the life of our Church, families and family life have been the topic of conversation throughout the world. The Diocese of Erie wants this conversation about families to continue.  This website is our attempt to keep families informed and supported. Let's continue to pray for families. God bless families all around the world!

Here's a sampling of what your will find at the Family Resources page.

  • Resources for Couples - getting married, already married, marriage enrichment
  • Resources for Parents - Parent Compass Show with new episodes on Fridays.
  • Resources for Families - fun ideas, resources for kids

Learn about Families of All Kinds 

                               "All families are different, but rooted in similar ways."



The Holy Father's Prayer for Families

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
in you we contemplate the splendor of true love; to you we turn with trust.

Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families, too, may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools of the Gospel and small domestic churches.

Holy Family of Nazareth, may families never again experience violence, rejection and division: may all who have been hurt or scandalized find ready comfort and healing.

Holy Family of Nazareth, may the approaching synod of bishops make us once more mindful of the sacredness and inviolability
of the family and its beauty in God’s plan.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
graciously hear our prayer.